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Drone Questions

How much does it cost for drone pilots?

Most FAA Licensed Drone Pilots will cost you $200-$250 an hour. We start our rates at $100 per hour which we feel gives the customer more marketing freedom.

Do I need a license to fly my drone?

If you are a hobbyist and your drone is a certain weight, you are required to register the drone as a hobbyist; but, if you plan to fly for your business there are different requirements. We have the FAA certifications required and the knowledge to fly safely to capture everything you need from above.

What is the best drone to use?

This is a hard question to answer. The best one is really based on your needs. If you are needing a construction site mapped, there are a number of DJI products at a variety of prices that will do that. If you are wanting something more cinematic, I would recommend a larger drone able to handle different cameras. We use Phantom 4 v2.0 since it meets such a wide variety of needs.

Do I need special training before I fly a drone?

We recommend watching some videos online specific to your drone. There are plenty of free tutorials available to you. If you are going to be flying over people or around buildings, additional licensing and permissions are required.

Is there special insurance required for flying drones?

The short answer to this question is this: if you feel that you may be risking property or injury while flying, you should most likely have insurance. Luckily there are a number of insurance companies that offer affordable day rates.

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