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Business Video Services Questions

How much for video coverage of corporate events?

We charge $1500 for a full day of filming and include editing.

How much does it cost for a commercial video?

We price our videos based on the individual job. We do have package deals for businesses starting at $7500. This provides you with 4 full-length (1:30-3:00 minute) videos and 16 social media (00:30-1:00 minute) videos.

Should I be using videos to market my business?

Absolutely! It is estimated that 55% of customers watch videos on services a business provides. If you are not showing your business off with video content, you are missing out on over half of your potential market.

Can I get the same quality filming with my phone?

For social media posts, this tends to be true. It also lacks capabilities in several other factors. You may get the same pixel quality, but you will have limits on how you can film. It is always better to use professionals with professional equipment to capture your business.

How important are videos for marketing on social media?

Incredibly important! When it comes to social media, video is what it is all about. With TikTok and Instagram adding more ways videos are being seen on their platforms, it is now more important than ever to have a video presence.

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